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For Parents

For Parents
        Welcome to Pack 266 . . . we’re glad you’re here!

This page is a resource for Scout parents in the Pack, both those new to Scouting and the old timers. For general information on being a Scout parent, see the national website at  If you want general information about the Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts of America, see For an overview of the Pack leadership, click here. 

Youth Protection Training
Scouting thrives when parents are an integral part of the experience–not just in leadership positions, but also in helping the boys to understand and meet their advancement objectives at home.  There is always a way for you to “help the Pack go” as a Scout parent!

This year, we are asking parents to spend 30 minutes undergoing the Boy Scout of America’s (BSA’s) Youth Protection Training (YPT). This will familiarize you with BSA’s process of creating a secure environment for our boys, which includes “two-deep leadership.”  This is basic training required of all Scout leaders, but even if you just intend to be a helpful parent, this training will be very useful in informing you how we operate and what we expect.

For more information on completing the training online, click here.

Policy for Campouts
Pack 266’s campouts are for the Cub Scouts and their immediate families, only.  Per BSA’s national Youth Protection policy, “When camping, no youth is permitted to sleep in the tent of an adult other than his own parent or guardian.”

Please see our Pack 266 Camping Health & Safety Guidelines for more information.

Buying Uniforms/Pack 266 T-Shirts
If you have questions about the Scout uniform your boy needs, please consult our Guide to Buying the Uniform and Patch Placement Guide.

How to reserve the Scout House for Den/Pack events

The Scout House is located at 6108 Edloe St, West University Place, TX 77005

The easiest way to do so is email the follow staff at the community Center on Auden:
They will confirm you reservation (try to ask 2-3 days ahead or IDEALLY in August before everyone else starts booking days & times.
You pick the key up there, 6104 Auden St.   They are open from 7:30 AM Mon-Friday.  After hours you can usually get a key a the WUPD “window” in the station.  Just be patient with them

Scout Track
You boy’s advancement may be managed through Scout Track, an online management site that many of our Dens use to record achievements as they are completed.  Your Den leader should contact you with the login information.  You can use Scout Track to record any activities completed at home, and help your son to get the awards, badges, pins, and belt loops he has earned. As always, you can also give the information to your Den leader for recording if you do not use Scout Track.

One great way for parents to participate is to share their photos with the Pack’s Photo Archive. Please read our photo caption policy on the archive page, and be aware that any name tags or other identifying signs will have to be blanked out on a posted photo for the children’s safety.

As always, feel free to contact the Pack leadership if you have any questions about policies, programs, or how you fit in. Please remember: we are all just parents like yourself, and we all want to make this the best experience possible for our boys.

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